What’s Your Story?

Brian “Head” Welch sharing in the Vox tent

We want to hear your story about your experience at Heaven Fest 2012!  Tell us anything and everything but feel free to answer these questions as a guideline:

  1. Did you attend HF 2012? Was it your first time?
  2. What made you want to attend? Did you come alone or with friends?
  3. Did you learn anything about adoption?
  4. Did you sponsor a Compassion child?
  5. Were you able to introduce a friend to Jesus?
  6. Did you see the Father heart of God in action anywhere at Heaven Fest?
  7. Have you joined the 24-7 prayer movement?
  8. Favorite food? Band? Moment? Song at The Main event? Volunteer? Sponsor presentation?
  9. Were you baptized? Did God speak to your heart?

Tell!!! Tell us the WHOLE story here:

See THOUSANDS of Heaven Fest 2012 Photos!


Click on the image above to get your access to thousands of photographs and memories from Heaven Fest 2012.

If you have photos or took video you’d like to see featured here on the website, please contact marketing@heavenfest.com to submit your work.  If we use it, you’ll get full credit.

07-28-12 Heaven Fest 1185

Also, remember to tell us your Heaven fest stories:

How did you end up at HF?  Who did you come with?  What bands were you excited to see?  Did you discover any new music?  What surprised you the most?  What did you learn about adoption?  Did you sponsor a Compassion child?  Was it hot enough for you?  Did you see the Father heart of God anywhere, His love towards us?  Tell!


We Welcome You with Praise!

Check out this cool video captured by Ellie Pickett of www.eldeenannette.com.**

See Uriel at the HF Skate Park preaching it up.  Watch for the spray-on Heaven Fest tattoos.  You’ll see Trace Bundy playing some guitar and lots of crowd participation.  This is a tiny slice of Heaven Fest 2012.  More video and thousands of pictures coming soon.

Did you get great pictures or video at Heaven Fest?

Would you like to see it featured here on the website?  Message Gwen at marketing@heavenfest.com and we’ll check out your work.


**Eldeen Annette Photography




Vision Experience at Heaven Fest

Did you get the chance to visit the shady, air-conditioned building where the Vision Experience was located during Heaven Fest?

Check out this video by one of our friend, Sean.**  You’ll see a little of what was going on in there.  Give it a watch and share the word!


Read more about the vision and mission of Heaven Fest at www.heavenfest.com/vision.  Heaven Fest is a platform to communicate the Father heart of God.

**137blu Productions

Sean Waldron




You Don’t Want To Miss This!

Skaters at the Skate Park

Yes, Heaven Fest will have over 50 bands playing on 7 different stages.  Yes, there will be amazing music and rock stars prowling around the grounds.  Yes, you may just get a chance to ask your favorite band a question at the Vox stage… But did you know that Heaven Fest has TONS of special attractions that don’t have anything to do with music?  You don’t want to miss these things:

Baptisms. We are having baptisms again this year so get ready.  If you’ve been waiting to get baptized, pray about doing it at Heaven Fest.  We’ve seen, in years past, incredible stories of fathers baptising their sons, grandfathers baptising their grandaughters…  It’s a beautiful thing.

Skate Park. There will be a skate park with demos by Pro and Semi-Pro Skaters.  These guys through down on the ramp and when it come to evangelism.  They will lay out the Gospel in a real, raw, unapologetic way.

Vision Experience Hall.  On the south side of the First National Bank building, there will be a walk-through adoption experience that you won’t want to miss.  Here the stories of kids who are currently in the foster care system in Colorado and stories of kids who need to know the love of the Father all over the world.

Kidz Area

Kidz area.  Bouncy Castles, Fun, Games, Attentive Adult Supervision and More!  Check out the Kidz area for tons of kid-friendly activities.

heaven fest tattoos.  There will be spray on Heaven Fest tattoos at the Heaven Fest Store this year!  It’s our first year doing this so we’re very excited to see everyone sporting these fashionable tattoos.

Chill Tent.  If you feel a little overheated, feel free to stop by the chill tent located by the Colorado Christian University Stage.  Nursing Moms, special needs, overheated?  Take a moment to chill out and relax in the Chill Tent.

Prayer Crane. Hoisted high above the festival, intercessors will be praying on behalf of the people at Heaven Fest.  They will be asking God to pour out His Spirit on every single person on the grounds.  That they would encounter the heart of God.

Smile Booth.  Look like your on stage with your favorite artists.  We have giant cardboard cutouts of all of your favorite bands!  You too can be a rockstar at the Smile Booth located on the grass in front of the Budweiser Event Center.

Did I Mention Free Water?!?!?!


Jesus THE Headliner

Join us at 9 pm for Jesus THE Headliner! As the sun is setting over the Rocky Mountains, we shut down every stage except one, and gather thousands of people together for the Main Event where we make Jesus the Headliner! The band isn’t named, nor are the speakers, because its not about their names… It’s about Jesus’ Name!

Helping people connect with the Father-heart of God is what Heaven Fest is all about!  During the main event, people from several different walks of life will take time to pause, to worship, and to meet with their Creator.

More of the Vision behind Heaven Fest

Adoption. Adoption is HUGE on Father’s Heart, and so we’re going to do 2 things. First, we’re going to welcome the Spirit of Adoption to invade Heaven Fest so that people’s hearts will cry out, “Abba, Father”. Second, we’re also teaming up with several AMAZING organizations to communicate God’s heart for adoption! We’ll have walk-through experiences, The Heart Gallery, and tons of people to talk with to help you advocate for Adoption right where you live! GNARLY!!!

Government.  In an election year, where fear, hatred, division, and dishonor rule the Church and culture, we are going to invite people to repent and BLESS their enemies…. OHHHH MAN!!!! If there was ever a time for the Church to stand up under the banner of LOVE…. NOW WOULD BE GOOD!!!

Go Tickets.  People that don’t know Jesus YET are so dear to His heart! That’s why we are partnering with churches and ministries all over Colorado, Wyoming, and New Mexico to distribute 40,000 “GO” tickets to their friends that don’t know Jesus… YET!! That’s $1.4M worth of tickets! We’re inviting people to ASK JESUS who they should give a ticket to, then PRAY every day at 7:28 for them, and then WALK with them after the gathering… ASK // PRAY @ 7:28 // WALK

Giving. Heaven Fest is a platform that enables the Rocky Mountain Region to give to organizations that serve the poor, the hungry, the exploited, and the fatherless! Heaven Fest is a FREE gathering where we invite every person to be outrageous givers, just like Father God! We come together, hang out, hear some great music, encounter God’s Heart, and give a TON of money to organizations that engage in some serious Kingdom mischief!! In this way, Heaven Fest is a GIANT fundraiser for the poor!! LOVE IT!!!

The Church Family.  Don’t know if you’ve noticed, but our Family doesn’t really like hanging out with each other apart from gatherings like Heaven Fest, and that will change when God releases REVIVAL/TRANSFORMATION/AWAKENING/RENEWAL to the Rocky Mountain Region. But right now, Father wants Heaven Fest to function as a Family Reunion that brings together different denominations, races, and generations, because He’s a Dad, who wants to hang out with His kids… every flavor of them!

Revival.  From the beginning of Heaven Fest, we’ve earnestly prayed that God would use Heaven Fest as a catalyst for REVIVAL/ TRANSFORMATION/ AWAKENING/ RENEWAL. Prayer has preceded nearly every reviving movement throughout history and prayer is THE REASON Heaven Fest works… straight up. So, we take it seriously, and we LOVE IT!

Those in need.  We recognize the potential power in a young person that is captivated by God’s heart for the poor. So, we intentionally partner with organizations that bring creative, engaging walk-through experiences to impact the hearts of this generation. If Jesus plants a dream in an 8-year-old heart to care for the poor, in HIS name, how could that young person affect the world for the next 20 years? This is LEGACY… this is long-lasting… this is KINGDOM MISCHIEF!!!

24/7 Worship and Prayer.  We are teaming up with an organization called Lite the Fire to kick off continuous, non-stop, 24-7 worship and prayer around the state of Colorado, starting the day of Heaven Fest! This 24-7 worship and prayer movement will take place in churches, businesses, schools, and jails all around Colorado! It’s going to be KILLER!  If you want to join in the fun, fill out the form and we’ll hook you up!

Find out everything you need to know about the Vision behind Heaven Fest here!

It’s Set Up Week at Heaven Fest!

Join us at The Ranch in Loveland from 8 am  – 5 pm Wednesday, Thursday, Friday to help set stages, parking and other fun stuff.  Check in at The Mckee building a little early.  Wear comfy clothes and good closed-toe shoes.  Bring your sunscreen and water bottle and we’ll even feed you!  Get all the great Set-Up Volunteer FAQ’s right hereIf you don’t see an answer to your question, you may email volunteers@heavenfest.com.

P. S.  We LOVE families who like to volunteer together, but we do have some guidelines!

If you are volunteering for Setup and/or Teardown, your kids ages 13 and older can volunteer with you (serving in the same module and position you are serving in) if you bring a signed Teen Volunteer Liability Waiver on the day of service.

If your kids are 18 or older, they can volunteer for Setup, Teardown or Day Of and may sign their own waiver online.

If your kids are under the age of 13, they are welcome to attend the festival but may not volunteer. If you feel that they are not old enough to be alone while you are serving a set-up shift, please make arrangements for childcare.

HAPPY Heaven Fest Stuff! :)

FREE water re-fills this year.

Please bring your own refillable, personal-sized plastic container and visit one of the Watermill Express trucks to refill.  The Ranch will also provide water for purchase by Ovations.

Emergency Medical Services.

Stadium Medical and our own trained public health and safety professionals will staff first aid stations around the festival grounds. Sun-screen, bug-spray, band-aids are available and you can also enjoy some shade in the nice CHILL TENT before you actually need medical attention!


Security provided by Larimer County Sheriff’s Department. Heaven Fest also has professional law enforcement and volunteer security staff in red shirts marked “Safety.”


You may leave and re-enter as long as your wristband is still intact on your wrist. Anyone on the grounds without a wristband will be escorted to Front Gate to purchase a ticket.

Restroom Facilities:

There are free port-o-let facilities located throughout the festival grounds. The Ranch also provides several indoor bathrooms in 2 buildings.

Guest services:

Look for the clearly-marked booths near both Front Gate entrances to deal with any questions you have while you are at the festival. Lost and Found is located at the Guest Services booths.

Heaven Fest Stores:

Official Heaven Fest merchandise is exclusively available at the HF Stores located on the grounds. Look for official programs, t-shirts, hats, sunglasses and more.

Payment options:

Visa and MasterCard are accepted at the Front Gate. Cash only for most vendors and retailers. ATM machines are located around the festival. Checks, money orders and traveler’s checks will not be accepted. We suggest you bring enough cash to pay for parking, vendor merchandise and additional expenses to avoid potentially long lines or waiting for the ATM to be serviced.

It is gonna be a great year.  Know why?  We’ve been planning for you!  See you Saturday!

P.S.  There is skate-boarding!

Plus a bunch of bands on a lot of stages and meet 7 greets and The Compassion walk-through experience and tons of adoption information and the family of God getting together and raising huge amoiunts of money for organizations that serve the poor, the exploited, the orphan, and, you know – other stuff.