HF 2013

Will there be a Heaven Fest 2013?

We’ve spent the last few months praying and talking about Heaven Fest 2013, and we’ve decided to make 2013 a year of rest for Heaven Fest while we build toward a MASSIVE gathering in Denver in 2014. So, Heaven Fest will not be happening in 2013, but we are pushing toward HF1 in 2014. This gives us time to:

  • rest
  • pray
  • raise a ton of money
  • get non-stop worship and prayer going in Colorado {www.24-7tent.com}
  • build anticipation for the HF1 Gathering in Denver that will be amazing, if not HISTORIC!!!


When is Heaven Fest 2014?

We have not yet set a date for Heaven Fest 2014. Traditionally though, HeavenFest has been the last Saturday of July or the first Saturday of August. Once we finalize a date, we will post it to our website.


Where will Heaven Fest 2014 be?

While we haven’t yet settled on a location for Heaven Fest 2014, we are praying and asking the Lord for a venue in Denver, CO.


What bands will we see at Heaven Fest 2014?

We will be posting the lineup to our website as we draw nearer to the event.


How can I invest in Heaven Fest?

You can partner with us by clicking HERE, and selecting “Heaven Fest” from the options.


How can I stay informed about Heaven Fest 2014?

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